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Smart 4D Massage Function, 5 Auto Massage Mode (Kneading, Tuina, Strong, Leisure, Sleep), 3D Bluetooth Speaker, HIFI, Artificial Intelligence Function,

LCD Screen, Control Zero Gravity Massage, Heating Therapy, Intensity Adjustable, Full body Massage Multifunction, Premium ABS and PU Leather, Full Body Airbags, Power Silent Pump, Full body massage parts: Head, Neck, Shoulder, Waist, Calf, Leg, Foot One-button power-on automatic massage, One-piece linkage design, installation-free Space capsule, 170 degree massage, Seasaw-type human body curve detection Neck: Deep kneading by massage heads Shoulders: Airbag Massage Back and Waist: Massage by massage heads plus back waist heating Feet soles: Fully wrapped roller massage Calves: Airbag massage plus free stretching Backrest electric lift adjustment Seat cushion: Airbag plus vibration massage Partial heat compress airbag pressing


WIDE INTERNATIONAL has been innovating continuously and it keeps on developing wellness products that are appealing to its target market. It has also been focusing on product line expansion, venturing into distributing quality health supplements, vitamins, health beverages, and its newest, the wellness massage chairs.


Major part of the Brand and Product Expansion is the strong distribution that WIDE has established by continually creating numerous distributors across the country, that can do wholesale (those who are capable of capitalizing big for the business) and retail (those who want to distribute the products directly to the customers). Everything in our enterprise is interrelated and having a defined business strategy makes the whole thing clear—where we need to work the most and where we need the least amount of work. Company’s major ability to achieve our desired numbers is to activate and sustain two sources of sales. First will be our own army of distributors as they continue to expand and leverage, and next will be the company’s own retail system to serve directly to the clients.


The company intends to also put up its own Spa, Wellness Shops and Clinics, but instead of prioritizing such plans, the company decided to first adapt to the new normal, and based on the result of study and research and due to the pandemic, spa and wellness shops will not be a good move to pursue yet, though it was already planned before. The result of this decision led the company to creating an opportunity out of this and that is to create a new product line connected to spa and wellness but not through putting up spa centers or shops, but through distributing its own brand of MASSAGE CHAIRS which people can use at home, anytime they want, with all their family members to benefit from this product. Then the Spas, Wellness Shops and Clinics shall come after.


The Aromagicare Massage Chairs are premium quality wellness massage chairs, offering different designs to choose from, with upgraded and advance features that the market really like. Wide even commits to produce and distribute additional choices which will surely make its buyers and clients happy and satisfied.

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