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WIDE International Announces Newest AROMAGICARE Endorser Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin is the newest face of AROMAGICARE, a trusted, reliable, multi-awarded 100% Filipino-owned brand!

WIDE International Strategic Experts Co. (WIDE International) aims to further strengthen its marketing and brand awareness campaigns this year. And a power move is to jump on the latest trends in pop culture by revealing its newest and first ever Korean endorser, actress Park Eun Bin for AROMAGICARE.

Founder and CEO, Ms. April Martin, believes that having a K-Drama star can effectively attract potential customers and product lovers of different ages.
“As we are committed to creating a healthy and prosperous society, we believe it is a good move to tap the ever-talented and cheerful actress to introduce our brand to people from all walks of life.” 

Meanwhile, as her popularity here in the Philippines continues to rise, Park Eun Bin signs the first ever Korean brand ambassador for AROMAGICARE “The extraordinary” partnership that they really shouldn’t miss this year. 

Founder and President Mrs. Pauline Publico reiterates the impact of having the talented and beautiful actress to boost AROMAGICARE.

“We would really love to have the adorable Park Eun Bin on board. Making her the face of AROMAGICARE can positively give the brand its well-deserved boost in popularity because we really want to take things to the next level in 2022! We are lucky to have a such a well-admired person as her right now.”

Park Eun Bin just had a great year after her amazing performance as the lead star of the blockbuster Netflix drama series Lawyer extraordinaire Woo which of course became one of the most watched Korean series on the said streaming service in 2022. 

She was praised for her growing filmography and versatility, showcasing impressive portraits, including The King’s Devotion, Hot Stove League, Do you like Brahms
? and Hello my twenties!.

Being the “smart and extraordinary” lawyer Woo was indeed an iconic role that made her immensely popular internationally. She received the “Rising Star Award for TV” on Asian Pacific Cinema and Television Awards ceremony, was one of the ten honorees of the 2023 Visionary Awards and is continuously receiving prestigious awards globally.

Customers can also bet that her ideals are in line with the principles of WIDE and AROMAGICARE, a 100% Filipino-owned, distinguished and trusted brand. Prepare yourself as the actress happily endorses AROMAGICARE Therapy Oil in Classic, Strawberry, Barley Moringa Wheatgrass (BMW) and Coffee flavors.

Aromagicare Therapy Oil, also known as ATO, is taking the health and wellness industry by storm with its powerful and effective ingredients, which include turmeric, moringa, guava, lemon, stevia, guyabano, virgin coconut oil, menthol herb Arvensis, which provide the soothing aroma of the product to stand out from its competitors.

The product also prides itself on its user-friendly application, called Drop-Rub-Technique. This can be done by dropping a small amount of AROMAGICARE Therapy Oil into your hands. Then rub the small drop of product with your hands, then cover your nose and mouth with both hands and inhale the soothing aroma that AROMAGICARE Therapy Oil brings.

This handy and affordable therapy oil can be used for various external health problems such as tense muscles, joint pain, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, cramps, minor sprains, stiff neck, nerve pain, headache, sinus infection, nasal congestion, common cold, cough, sore throat and even insect bites.

AROMAGICARE Therapy Oil is also effective against skin problems such as itching, wounds, skin burns and varicose veins. The sedative properties of this product also work to ease dizziness, fatigue, stress, dysmenorrhea, bad breath, gum problems, and toothaches. It is a certified premium brand with premium quality and is FDA approved so you can be sure it is safe and effective.

Park Eun Bin really can’t wait to join the WIDE family and become “The Extraordinary” so early!

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